Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's Not So Easy Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Things are shaking at the CA Supreme Court in 2005 concerning workplace rights. Miller v. Dept. of Corrections concerned a Warden who handed out favors to those of his staff who slept with him, but ignored or deprived those who did not when it came time for promotion or assignments. The warden apparently unlocked the gates to 3 such staff members more or less concurrently. Somehow, the warden kept all three of these women happy both in bed and out, because they were not his problem. His problem was multiple suits by other women who claimed the warden discriminated against them because they were not sleeping with him. Their claims were based on demonstrating their superior performance and experience (outside of bed). Bottom Line: The CA Supreme Court expanded the idea of gender discrimination and harassment to include situations where the favored gender is the same as the person claiming discrimination. Before this decision, the right was limited to persons of opposite gender.

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