Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chaplains to the rescue

Employees are generally urged to deal with workplace stress “on their own”, but how many of us have to deal with even more stress at home because of our spouse, kids, in-laws, household duties, etc.? Don’t many of us attempt to be superhuman both in the workplace and with our family without healthily confiding our stresses and problems to a third person? Or what about those of us who are facing financial, emotional, or other types of crises and need someone to turn to? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a source of guidance at work that would be both accessible and eager to help?

Some corporations have hired chaplains to help guide employees through their various problems. Seeking a chaplain's help is completely voluntary. They cater to employees of any or no religion. Employees can now turn to these chaplains (who employees seem to prefer over HR) instead of quitting, suing the company, or creating problems with other employees, thus benefiting the corporation in the long run.

You can read more about corporate chaplains and their success stories here.

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