Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"You've got to stop your evil ways, baby"

Carlos Santana's former personal assistant Bruce Kuhlman has filed a lawsuit against Santana and his wife Deborah for several claims including religious discrimination.

Kuhlman alleges religious discrimination based on his belief that the Santanas fired him for not being spiritual enough.

According to Kuhlman, Deborah Santana ordered him to meet with a "Dr. Dan" to improve "his consciousness or awareness level, which would bring him closer to God and make him a better worker."

Kuhlman also claims that Dr. Dan gave him literature on "neuro-emotional" and "neuro-calibration" techniques, the latter of which was apparently intended "to help you become as enlightened as God desires you to become."

The Santanas issued a statement denying all allegations and attributes Kuhlman's termination to his inadequate performance after he was given support and every opportunity to succeed.

The Santanas have long been spiritual seekers. In 2000 and just before he won 8 grammies, Carlos Santana credited an angel named Metatron for his career comeback.

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