Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dancing Lawyers

My observation over time is that we lawyers do not generally make good dancers. Dancers are connected in multiple dimensions. They are connected to the floor, to the rhythm, and to their partner. They FEEL the music, and translate that feeling into a fluid motion that says "YES" to life. I came across a truism that may be applicable: "Don't trust a man with a sword who does not dance." Maybe this is why highly educated people don't necessarily possess the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people. They are in love with ideas more than people, and forget that ideas are for people. As Jesus said, the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Rules. Rules. Rules.

I just completed a 4 day dance retreat in Palm Springs, CA. Yes, I was a beginner. But the experience of dance teaches me so much about the state of my life and how I show up in relationships. Am I in tune with the music of life? Am I willing to experience however many awkward situations and mistakes as may be needed to hone my skills? Am I able to maintain a positive attitude even when I wonder "Will I ever get this right?"

Every trial is like a dance. There are steps and syncopation that must be followed. But variation, adaptation, soul, and passion make the dance alive and beautiful to see.

So, I leave you with that line from a song I recently heard: When given the choice of sitting it out or dancing, I hope you dance.

"If the pink slip doesn't fit,
get redressed!"
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