Friday, March 05, 2010

Most Stressful Jobs

Taken from MSNBC:

FIRST:  Surgeons top the list of most stressful jobs because their work can be physically demanding, require meeting tough deadlines and involve life or death situations.

By the way, the least stressful jobs are actuary, dietitian, computer systems analyst, statistician, astronomer, mathematician, historian, and software engineer, according to CareerCast.

The jobs included in the ranking can change annually depending on Surgeons have to stay on their feet for long hours at a time and often have many people dependent upon them.

That goes for surgeons who work in small-town hospitals as well as in big cities.

SECOND:  Few events can ever be as stressful as trying to land a plane full of passengers safely in the Hudson River after a bird strike. That explains why pilots like Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger, at left in cockpit, rank second on the list.

Pilots generally have only one chance to correctly take off and land each flight, and the lives of often more than 100 passengers hang in the balance.
"They have to handle fairly sophisticated technology," Lee said, adding that they have to ready to react at a moment's notice. "Their jobs can be quiet and unstressful for long periods of time and then suddenly it can be the most stressful job on earth."

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