Monday, September 19, 2011

Every Vice is A Twisted Virtue: The Weaknesses of a Compulsive Achiever.


Being a high-achiever can be rewarding, but many smart, ambitious professionals are still less satisfied than they should be. This is because many of the behaviors that help you succeed can also get in your way. Watch out for these 
two-sided traits:
  • Driven to get results. High-achievers can get so caught up in tasks that they fail to provide transparency to colleagues or help others. Don't forget to collaborate or you'll feel alone.
  • Craving positive feedback. High-achievers care intensely about others' opinions and tend to obsess over criticism, even when it's included with positive feedback. Don't let one constructive piece of input overshadow everything you hear.
  • Guilt-ridden. Guilt often motivates achievers to produce, but no matter how much they accomplish they still feel like they aren't doing enough. Set realistic goals and take satisfaction in achieving them.
Harvard Business Review Article   Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Managing Yourself: The Paradox of Excellence" by Thomas J. DeLong and Sara DeLong.

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