Monday, December 06, 2010

A Class Act: Women Take on Wal-Mart by the Thousands.

So what do hundreds of thousands of women have in common at Wal-Mart?  They are class action plaintiffs proceeding in a case for gender discrimination against the retail behemoth.  The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted Wal-Mart's appeal to hear the issue of whether the class action certification was properly granted.  Among other matters, there must be an economy of disposition of the class claims because the claimants have factual and legal issues in common.  The conservative position is that they have nothing in common but their gender and that they work for Wal-Mart.  The liberal position is that they were all treated with a common systemic practice of limiting promotion and pay opportunities because they were women.  This case will decide the future of massive future class actions, and whether they will have an impact on how companies operate.  Will this one be scored for David or Goliath?  We should find out in mid 2011.  New York Times Article

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