Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women at Wal-Mart: 65% of hourly jobs but 14% of managers; $1,100 less per year if hourly, $14,500 less if salaried.

As taken from Bloomberg:

"Here are some of the statistics that the court dismissed as having fallen “well short” of showing that managers were exercising pay and promotion discretion in a common way, which the women needed to prove to proceed as a class. When the suit was filed, women filled 65 percent of the hourly jobs, but only 14 percent of store manager positions. It took 4.4 years for the average woman to advance to assistant manager, while men got there in 2.9 years. Among those in hourly jobs, men made $1,100 a year more than women in similar positions. Among salaried managers, men out-earned women by $14,500 a year."

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