Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Marketing Fun.

I'm taking a series of webinars from Michael Port, of "Book Yourself Solid."  One of the fundamental concepts is that marketing can be a positive experience if it is viewed as a way of supporting the lifetyle you want to live.  This holistic approach is therefore not just about money, but a  balancing of values:  economic, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational.  Marketing, in my view, is an opportunity to creatively connect with persons who need or want the value I offer. 

I am foremost a lawyer, but my practice of law, and the way I want to run my business, all depend on clients connecting with me for help.  Marketing supports the positive impact I want to make in my profession.  I deliver closure of a distressing employment situation for terminated or harassed employees.  Employees need to know their legal rights, and if there is a realistic way to reach a settlement or verdict that addresses those rights.  Marketing is my way of letting those persons know I exist, and that I provide the solutions they are seeking. 

In a positive sense, marketing is a byproduct of a passion to make a postive difference in your world, and is not limited to business.   

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