Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lawyer as Acting Student

My third night of acting class is scheduled for Monday night.  I love the class because it allows us to play with situations and interpretations, and invites us "to go for it" with our creativity. On Monday, I'll  be doing a monologue from "The Lion in Winter," a 1967 screenplay about the Henry II's battles with his Queen and three power driven sons in 1183.  Here's a typical line spoken by Richard of his own mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine:  "You love nothing.  You are incomplete.  The human parts of you are missing.  You're as dead as you are deadly."  When I read this line to my daughter over the phone this evening, she suggested I use it to end my next relationship.  Actually, I was thinking of trying it on a particularly difficult opposing counsel to end our next phone conversation. The problem with the line is that it allows no escape.  "Just kidding," doesn't really seem to work after a line like that.