Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am Chair of the Orange County Bar Association Labor & Employment Section for 2011.  I am at the mid point of my tenure.  Three reflections:  1) I have grown as a leader; 2) I learned that the best leaders have clear goals; 3) I learned I have a lot of growing yet to do.

 So often in the past I "held back" from being visible and publicly responsible.  I wonder how many times over the decades I have done that, and how it has limited me and restricted my contributions.  The good news is that I am taking a more positive and proactive approach to serving others by taking on more responsibility.

My strength has been my creativity and willingness to try new things to make the organization more active and enjoyable for the members.  My weakness is that I have been too "ad hoc" in just "getting by" without a clear set of achievements for the future.  I can change that by using the last six months to set some reasonable "achievement" goals to make the organization even better.  Fortunately, I have outstanding colleagues willing to help.  One of them will be the new leader for 2012.

A final observation.  The President of the OCBA, John Hueston, has set a very ambitious agenda of achievements for his own tenure. [John heads the entire Bar Association, while I head only one of its several "Sections"]  He listed those at the outset of his taking office, and he is moving to get them done.  I admire and emulate that kind of vision and energy.  Part of growth is to see and follow the example of successful people.

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